Adriana Wood, Dental Hygienist.

Meet our Dental Hygienist: Adriana Wood. Sbenati Dentistry is proud to have her as a vital part of the team. The video below shows her talking a little about herself!

Adriana has been a Dental Hygienist for about 14 years and has enjoyed every second of it. She takes pride in her amazing work with patients. She loves the patients and the care she provides, but mostly she loves making a difference in their lives. This drive to delivery confidence and hygiene fits so well with our vision: to deliver confidence by helping you to love your smile.

Here at Sbenati Dentistry it is very important that you are confident and comfortable during your appointment with us. We go over every aspect of our holistic care so that you feel confident with the treatment. We pride ourselves on reducing dental anxiety (or Dentophobia) and Adriana brings this pride to every appointment, and with every patient.

Dental Hygienist, Sbenati Dentistry.

Here at Sbenati Dentistry we have a variety of services to offer.From cosmetics to paediatrics, from general dentistry to serving your whole family. We use the latest technologies to deliver the best results. Digital Smile Design and Invisalign are just a few of our cutting edge services! Achieve the smile of your dreams. Call Today or Book an Appointment to experience world class dentistry first hand. Adriana and the rest of our team are excited to see you!