3 Fun activities for your kids indoors

by Maria Ahmadi, CDAII, Business Administrator and Treatment coordinator

There’s only so much on-screen activities that kids will truly benefit from, in terms of stimulating their creativity, their intellectual brain development, and their confidence. Off-screen activities can be just as, or even more fun than the most popular online kids games. Here are 3 really fun activities that will get any kid excited and intellectually nourished:  

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) activities are anything but boring! DIY Hallways laser maze from itsalwaysautumn.com  – this is a super fun way to keep the kids active indoors and drives their excitement through the roof! DIY Activities

Colouring books: colouring is a creative-mind booster and allows children to hone into the art of details and colour perception.  Scan this QR code to check out our pick of the month from BookOutlets.ca  

Click here to view the website:  Book Outlet

Origami: the one activity that never gets outdated! Origami has been around for over 200 years, and for a good reason. It stimulates the mind by challenging kids through solving these ridiculously fun shapes.

Click this link to check out a fun Origami Horse that your kids will love!   Origami Fun!