6 Incredible Reasons to Visit the Dentist Winter 2022!

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So why should you visit the Dentist this winter?  Let’s Dive In:

You may be aware that cold, dry winter air can be disastrous for your skin and chap your lips but It can also cause an abundance of dental problems.  The Sbenati Dentistry team is here to let you know every dental pain that may occur and how to beat them to keep your mouth healthy, teeth free of pain while being nose deep in the figgy pudding!

1. Preparing for the Beautiful Spring Weather

In the winter many of us don’t want to go outside unless we have a; parka, hot chocolate, three scarves, and a portable fireplace so why not visit the dentist before the great weather comes back and people tend to have more free time.  Typically the spring months are busier and It’s hard to remember the dentist when you’re focused on; spring cleaning the garage, spring sports, kids’ activities, and tending to you’re gardens.

2. Flu Season Impacts your Teeth’s health as well

Did you know that over-the-counter drug stores remedies like cough drops and cough suppressants consist of high amounts of high fructose corn syrup and sugar, citric acid, low PH levels and are highly acidic which attacks tooth enamel?  This trend is applicable to; pain medications, sleep medicines, or the poor comfort food choices that we tend to make when we aren’t feeling well.  If you do get sick make sure you brush your teeth and gargle with a fluoride mouthwash to kill the germs in your mouth that are destroying your tooth’s enamel.  Additionally, after your cold goes away make sure you throw out your toothbrush and replace it, as you don’t want to get infected again.

3. It can actually improve your Mental Health

The winter months are freezing, there is less daylight and many of us get less vitamin D which supports; healthy bones and teeth, supports our brain, nervous/immune systems, regulate insulin levels, and supports cardiovascular health.  Without our usual source of vitamin D, many of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder which is a form of depression that many struggles with during the winter season, especially in Canada’s Northern climate.  When patients suffer from this disorder we’ve seen a decline in the consistency and effectiveness of their oral health routines.  Additionally, the state of our oral health can make our mental state even worse leading to tooth loss, depression, or at least anxiety (See Our Blog on the relationship between gingivitis and depression). 

Therefore, a seasonal trip to the dentist during this time of the year may be just what the Doctor ordered to either release some anxiety or stay on top of the damage that could be forming.  If you’re a millennial this is important for you as well because being proactive about your oral health can give you a massive confidence boost and allow you to prevent larger problems later in life like (oral cancer or gum disease).

A woman reacting to her Teeth Whitening results!

4. Wait times don’t tend to be as long

Do you visit a dentist’s office where you find yourself waiting forever to be seen by the dentist?  Well, a reason for this may be the time of year that you come to the dentist.  In the summertime, many dental clinics experience a wave of parents bringing their kids in for check-ups because school’s out or is about to start.  Also, many College and University students will be home during the summer or spring break.  Although, this trend isn’t an exact science the winter months tend to be a slower time of the year for many dental clinics.

5. Sensitive teeth during the Winter

During the winter a lot of people have sensitive teeth for countless reasons, and a dentist will be able to examine your mouth and determine the cause of your pain; gum recession, grinding teeth, a loose filling, a cavity, an exposed nerve, etc.  They can also recommend a tailored treatment plan for this issue.

Tooth sensitivity is an unexpected pain or discomfort when consuming hot or cold food and drinks, or breathing cold air through your mouth.  It’s the feeling when you get a short, sharp sensation in your teeth when anything cold hits your teeth or when you eat sweet or acidic foods and drinks.  Even brushing your teeth can cause sensitive teeth.  The range of discomfort can be mild or severe, coming and going, sometimes in all your teeth and at other times It’s limited to a single tooth or area of your mouth.

A picture displaying a tooth ache.

Ouch! Sensitive Teeth after drinking water.

6. Your Dental Benefits Run-Out and Refresh on New Years Day

Perhaps you’ve been putting off your dental cleaning all year in case you had to get some expensive dental work done?  We’ve all been there but now that your benefits are going to reset in January It’s the perfect time to practice some self-love and take care of your teeth so that they’ll love you back.  Perhaps you’ve always wanted to get your Teeth Whitened in London Ontario to Improve your mental and oral health or perhaps you just want to come in for a regular dental check-up and hygiene appointment, either way, the Sbenati Dentistry team would love to see you this holiday season.

The Verdict Is In 

There is a strong connection between the winter months and teeth problems,  If you’re ready to reduce your anxiety before the holidays, contact our dental clinic in London Ontario through our online Request An Appointment form, email us at Info@sbenatidentistry.ca, or give us a call at (519)-474-0220 we’d love to get you in to visit the dentist.

If you enjoyed this article check out our blog post on getting your smile ready for the holidays!


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