Chocolate the next Fluoride?

Could Chocolate be the next Fluoride???

Not yet, but it could be. Fluoride is the stuff we find in toothpaste and mouthwash.  Fluoride is also found in our freshwater systems and foods like spinach and grapes. Fluoride is what strengthens our tooth enamel and makes our teeth more resistant to decay, but could it be replaced with a bar of Chocolate???

No, but a naturally occurring extract in the cocoa been Husk or CBH, has been found to work better than Fluoride to restore and repair enamel. So even though a Snickers bar a day won’t keep the Dentist away, don’t be surprised if we start seeing the cocoa bean husk in toothpaste and mouth rinses in the coming years.

Mouthwash containing cocoa

Could this be the future?