Digital Smile Design

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Digital Smile Design

When patients seek orthodontic treatment to treat various issues that affect the aesthetics of their face and smile, they want to be sure of the outcome of the treatment. Knowing what to expect and what the dental professionals working on your case can achieve is very important in determining how confident you’ll be about your treatment. It may also impact your willingness to go through with the treatment in the first place.  This is where Digital Smile Design comes in. This is a technical tool that many modern-day dental offices use to help patients visualize the course of their treatment before it even begins. Digital smile design creates a digital mockup of how a patient’s new smile is likely to be and the results that can be achieved. Here’s all you need to know about DSD and how it works.

What is Digital Smile Design? 

Digital smile design is a digital treatment planning tool that makes it possible for dental professionals to create, design, and project a patient’s new smile before treatment commences. This software simulates and visualizes the results of a proposed treatment based on a thorough analysis of the current dental and facial features or proportions of a patient’s face. 

With Digital Smile Design, dental professionals can get a better picture of how the lips, gums, teeth, and other facial features work together to create a patient’s smile and how they can modify this to create the perfect smile for the patient. Typically, they use a combination of photographs, videos, and temporary mockups to get a better sense of the relationship between various facial features and how they can modify these to create a perfect smile for a patient. 

This advanced digital technology has a profound impact on the field of aesthetic dentistry. In addition to making it possible to fully customize a patient’s smile design based on their specific needs, DSD allows dentists to leverage advanced technology to improve the accuracy of their treatment. This treatment approach also allows patients to become more involved in their treatment. This helps to set clear expectations for every procedure, ensures that the dentists are fully aware of their desires, and boosts their confidence in the procedure they’re undergoing. 

How Does Digital Smile Design Work? 

When you visit a dentist that applies DSD, the first step is usually to walk you through the process of how it works and tell you about the benefits of this treatment approach. If you choose to move on with it, the provider will proceed to take high-resolution photographs and videos of your mouth using an intraoral scanner. This device can take digital images and videos that cover every angle of your mouth. The images are closely monitored as they’re captured in real-time. The goal is to ensure that the images captured are a comprehensive representation of your mouth.

Capturing images at multiple angles will make it easy to create perfect visualizations of your mouth. The next step is to import the data into the DSD software. This software makes it possible to analyze the images and calibrate measures to pick up fine imperfections. 

Everything You need to know about Digital Smile Design
DSD Software

The dentists can also place mockups over the existing images to give you a quick glimpse of what can be expected with your treatment. On one hand, it gives the patient a clear picture of what the outcome is likely to look like. The mockups provided in the DSD software will also be used to create physical models and other things needed to modify a patient’s facial aesthetics as desired.

Finally, the orthodontist will map out your new smile based on your current smile model and your desires. This is a careful process that is done with the full involvement of the patient. One of the advantages of the Digital Smile Design approach is that it allows patients to communicate what they want to the dental professional they’re working with. The Digital Smile Design software will be used to produce a three-dimensional model and mock-up that shows what the patient’s smile will look like after the treatment is complete. The patient is fully in control of the process and will approve the final mockup that will guide the treatment process. 

Why Digital Smile Design Is Important ?

The concept of DSD is Important for three main reasons. This include:

Improving Case Acceptance

DSD can help dental professionals demonstrate the value of a treatment approach to patients. One of the fundamental objectives of every form of aesthetic treatment is to satisfy the patient. Many people will only agree to proceed with treatment when they’re more confident of the outcomes they can expect. Digital Smile Design shows patients how the treatment will improve their smile at the end of the day which increases the chances of acceptance. 

Improve Collaboration Between Patients And Experts

DSD improves the communication between patients and dentists in carrying out whatever procedure they set out to do. Patients have better control over the results. It also ensures that the dental professionals are fully aware of a patient’s expectations and are onboard on delivering them. This translates to greater satisfaction for the patient at the end of the day. 

Ensures Consistency And Efficiency In Delivering Better Smiles 

DSD makes it possible to craft a bespoke, carefully crafted smile for every patient. DSD providers often have an artistic vision and are often able to create beautiful smiles that meet the expected desires of the patients. The fact that patients can visualize this even before the treatment begins improves the chances of a positive outcome.

At Sbenati Dentistry, we are passionate about helping patients achieve the perfect smile they have always desired. As one of the leading dental practices in London Ontario, we have the experience and skills needed to give patients beautiful confidence-boosting smiles. We also leverage the most advanced technology to curate a perfect experience and transform a patient’s smile. Contact us today to talk about how we can transform your smile with Digital Smile Design.

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