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dental anxiety

How do you react when you think of visiting your dentist or even making an appointment to go visit your dentist? Exactly how do you feel about walking into your dentist’s reception room considering the chilling drills in or the antiseptic smell all so prevalent here? With that thought alone, you are perhaps running your tongue across your teeth or shuddering in fear.

This is the case with a huge portion of the population. Canadians everywhere usually avoid visiting the dentist due to an innate fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, if it goes unaddressed, dental anxiety may result in oral health issues that can subsequently mandate more severe dental action.

But why do so many of us fear going to the dentist? Well, people are usually anxious for several unique reasons. While some anticipate pain, others often worry that the dentist may rush their concerns or neglect their concerns. Luckily, if you are having difficulties tolerating your trip to your dentist, there are several ways and techniques you can use to emotionally soothe or relax yourself.

Are you ready? here are several common issues that lead to dental anxiety and ways to overcome the dental anxiety – Or, if you are in London, Ontario, you can come to us. Our office has been said to be more like a spa than a dentist office.

Identifying the Signs of Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Dental anxiety can be quite a severe issue. Not only can it result in distress, but also serious panic, Below are some signs that signify that you are suffering from a dental phobia that you need to address.

Avoiding a visit to your dentist until you are feeling severe pain
Difficulty sleeping on the nights preceding your visit to the dentist
Feeling uneasy as you wait for your dentist at his/ her office

What are the Common Dental Fears?

Fear of pain

• Fear of needles/injections
• Experiencing Side effects from anesthesia

Managing Your Fears

To help you deal with your dental anxiety issues and also boost your overall oral health, herein are some useful steps you should take

Communicate openly

This is perhaps the most important factor and tool in your journey to overcome dental anxiety. Good communication between both you and your dentist helps you explain your anxiousness and concerns. If you feel comfortable and informed, you gain more control of your emotions and reduce your anxiety. You can communicate about the procedure and any questions on dental health.

Make a plan

You should communicate with your dentist about your fears and concerns and if he/she doesn’t take time to address your concerns, get another one!

Express yourself.

Expressing your various concerns to your dentist will assist him or her in adapting the treatment to suit your needs. You can come up with a hand signal to utilize when you want your dentist to stop the procedure or when you feel uncomfortable.


If you are like many of us, the thought of visiting a dentist can bring some stomach-churning reflections and uneasy feelings, especially if you have previously had a dental procedure before. Luckily, you can now effectively get over your dental anxiety with these few simple but useful dental anxiety tips.

Making patients feel safe and comfortable is a priority at our office and we would love to have you to show you a new level of patient care. Come experience our World Class Dental Service in London Ontario today.

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