How To Host a Netflix Viewing Party! (Teleparty)

Netflix party is now "teleparty"

Host a Netflix viewing party complete with video syncing and chat!

Step 1- Install

Install Teleparty by CLICKING HERE. From the chrome web store you can simply select “Add To Chrome”. It will appear to the right of your search bar. Click the link below for more information (and a Microsoft Edge option!)

STEP 2- Open

Step 2 is simple. Just open the video of your choice within Netflix!

Step 3- Make A Party

Once your video is open and ready to play, click on that chrome extension we downloaded in step #1 and select “Start Party”. It will give you a URL to share with your friends!

STEP 4- Join

The fourth and final step is here! Your friends will click on the link and it will open Netflix to the exact movie you have selected. Then simply click the “NP” chrome extension in the top right and BOOM- they will join the party automatically. 

See a video of it's use below!