Luke S

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I hadn’t been for a cleaning or checkup in a while, I booked a cleaning as well as a subsequent teeth whitening appointment. As soon as I entered the clinic for my first appointment I knew this was a special business. My “suite” was prepared just for me, with a warm welcome on the screen. I was told to lay back and select any Netflix show to watch. I was curious how I would hear the show, but that was quickly answered as the lovely hygienist (Amal) passed me a pair of high quality beats headphones! Since I hadn’t been to the dentist in a while this warm and comfortable setting was perfect. The owner and principal dentist Dr. Halim Sbenati also came into my treatment room to explain and teach me about my mouth. This was a nice touch as he didn’t have to come see me at all (it was a cleaning appointment). From the cleaning to the teeth whitening treatment I felt truly cared for. I left feeling confident in my smile, and even more confident in choosing and recommending Dr. Halim Sbenati’s Sbenati Dentistry going forward.

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