Smile Design Makeovers With DSD, London Ontario

What is a smile makeover with dsd?

A smile makeover in general is an effective way of combining treatments to reach your smile goals. Happily the first certified Digital Smile Design clinic in London, and one of two in Ontario, we are excited to bring this innovation forward! DSD uses aspects of your facial proportions, talking patterns, lip movements and of course your smile to create a completely predictable smile makeover.

benefits of a smile makeover

Remove the gaps in your teeth by improving the size, shape and alignment!

Improve the overall colour of your teeth through combined treatments including whitening!

Natural looking

Bringing London, Ontario natural looking veneers! In conjunction with DSD we design veneers that match the look, shape, texture and silhouette of your current teeth (with natural improvements to all categories). Smile design delivers an authentic smile transformation that instils confidence and pride. Sbenati Dentistry is the next step towards your dream smile.

Test Drive!

Not only will we create digital renderings of your new smile before and after the dental treatment, but we will create a mold for you to try out! The test drive itself displays how every aspect of your face can be transformed with a personalized treatment plan. See an example of a test drive below, you’ll love the final result. You wouldn’t get a car without taking it for a spin, why should your smile design makeover be any different? 

Test drive your new smile

No guessing… No Anxiety… Just Beauty!​

No guessing… No Anxiety… Just Beauty!​

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