Tik Tok’s New Dangerous Trend

Being in lockdown has forced many of us to come up with ways to DIY our looks. Searching the internet for ways to do make up and cut hair. One thing you should not be searching for is DIY dentistry. Not only is “Do It Yourself” dentistry dangerous it can be quite expensive in the long run.

Enter into the ring Tik Tok a social media platform that teaches the youth of today how to floss and eat tide pods. (by flossing, I mean the dance and not a part of your daily dental maintenance routine).

Teens are posting shots of their shaved down teeth, posing for a look called “shark teeth” and claiming it to be a final look when all it is the teeth being prepped for veneers or crowns.

These posts on Tik Tok are encouraging filing down teeth DYI Style to achieve this look. Which is attractive??? They don’t understand that teeth are not the same as your nails or your hair, and they do not grow back. They are also full of nerves that are protected by the outer layer of the tooth.

The process it would take for a professional to fix these home dental practices is expensive and painful, and though it only cost a few dollars for the nail file, people are finding out that it isn’t that great of a hack. One Tik Toker who filed her teeth even stated in the comments, “Don’t do this. I only did because I’m stupid and was curious.”

Researching changing your looks can be done anywhere, but when it comes to your teeth, that is a subject that only your certified dentist or orthodontist can answer. Here are a few things teens should know before following this trend on Tik Tok.

  1. Your teeth do not grow back.

2. Your teeth are shaped the way they are so that you can chew food properly.

3. If you have healthy teeth, there is no reason for anyone under 18 to get veneers.

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