Treat Yourself In the New Year

Woman treating herself


Christmas is over, and the tree has been put away.  Even though you think that all you are getting is “me” time, you need quality “me” time in this time of lockdown. Here are some things you can do this new year to enjoy and love yourself.

Eat foods that make you happy.

Foods that support serotonin levels in the brain are great mood elevators.  Beets, for example, supports serotonin production in the brain and carries a potent dose of folic acid, which stabilizes emotional and mental health.

Use special hand creams.

During this pandemic, we have been sanitizing and washing our hands more than ever.  Nothing says loving yourself more than soothing your sore dried-out skin with some hand cream.  Hand creams with ingredients that are humectants attract moisture in water and locking it into the skin.

Get the right kind of sleep.

While we are in lockdown, a routine is more important than ever.  Get a new pillow or that mattress topper you have been eyeing.  If you can get a good solid 8 hours a night, you will feel the energy to get on with your day.

Call a friend.

Due to texting, the art of having a long gab session with your best friend has been forgotten with the times, but there is something to be said about hearing another person’s voice and knowing that they are listening to yours as well.

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