Bruxism Nightguards London Ontario

Bruxism Nightguards

Bruxism is a medical condition where you grind/clench your teeth without knowing. Bruxism is a common condition. It affects almost 10 percent of adults. It may be caused by stress and anxiety. It could also be hereditary. Most people grind their teeth in their sleep only to wake up to a dull, constant headache or a sore jaw.

If you grind your teeth in your sleep regularly, the protective outer layer of the teeth will wear down faster, resulting in big trouble. You may even need implants, dentures, or a root canal to fix the damage.

Bruxism Nightguards In London Ontario

Bruxism nightguards may help with this condition. These are convenient devices that you wear inside your mouth at night to protect against bruxism. They are usually made from special thermoplastics - according to the mold of your teeth - as taken by your dentist. You can also buy ready-made bruxism nightguards from selected manufacturers, but they may not fit properly. So, always talk to your dentist if you want an effective mouthguard.

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Frequently asked questions & Knowledge Center for Teeth Grinding

Teeth Grinding is when you unconsciously grind/clench your teeth while you are asleep.  It is a common condition that affects 10% of adults, largely due to stress and anxiety.

It can be very bad for you as you’ll slowly wear away the outer layer of your teeth and may require implants, dentures or a root canal later on in life to correct these issues.  

Although bruxism cannot be fixed by using a nightguard it can reduce the impact that teeth grinding has on your teeth. Protecting your teeth against grinding and jaw clenching can prevent long-term effects like jaw pain, gum recession, and teeth loss.

It is very important that you use your night guard consistently as your teeth will be worn down whenever you’re not using a dental guard.

A customized night guard that is made by a dental professional should not hurt your teeth or jaw. These dental guards are small trays that are designed for your specific mouth and jaw to add protection to your teeth.

The simple answer is yes. This is due to the one size fits all manufactured nightguards that are created which can cause uneven teeth contact thus creating worse teeth grinding, clenching, and TMJ problems.

A night guard from a dental professional will work by relieving pressure across your jaw and teeth protecting them from grinding and long-term recession or tooth loss.