Crown Lengthening London Ontario

Crown Lengthening is a dental procedure performed by a dentist resulting in a more immense exposed tooth structure. It can simply be lowering of the gums towards the tooth’s root or a complex surgical resection of the tooth bone.

Depending on the type of crown lengthening, the procedure may or may not be reversible. Gum lowering is reversible. The gums can be put back, unlike surgical resectioning of a tooth structure.

What is Crown Lengthening Used for?

There are people with relatively small exposed teeth structures, which results in gummy smiles, irregular gum levels, or profoundly hidden decay. Therefore, crown lengthening may be needed for the following purposes:

• Functional Crown Lengthening

Functional crown lengthening is used by dentists to access decays beneath teeth gums. It helps expose a bigger tooth structure - revealing deeply hidden decays that would otherwise not be accessible without pushing the gums closer to the tooth’s root.

In some cases of a partially cracked tooth, functional crown lengthening can save the tooth - instead of tooth extraction.

• Crown Lengthening for Aesthetic Purposes

Crown lengthening can be used to fix irregular gum levels too. Most people are self-conscious; a slight dent in their smiles and bang goes their self-confidence. Well, with crown lengthening, you can start flashing beautiful smiles. Crown lengthening will levelize the irregular gum line - resulting in a 'regular' smile.

This also helps with gums that come out too far, resulting in 'gummy' smiles. By lowering the gum lines to a natural level, more of those pearl whites are exposed when you smile.

That’s it; crown lengthening is a surgical tooth procedure that may be needed for aesthetic or functional purposes. It is a simple procedure that may be performed by a dentist or a specialist periodontist. It is relatively painless, and the cost may be fully covered by your dental insurance plan.

Crown Lengthening In London Ontario

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