Dental Bridges London Ontario

Dental bridges are custom-fit crowns used to fill spaces left by missing teeth. If you are experiencing self-confidence issues due to a gap (or gaps) in your smile caused by poorly spaced or missing teeth, a dentist can use custom-made crowns to bridge the gap, thus fixing your smile.

Dental bridges prevent the distortion of your facial features - due to missing teeth. It may involve the cementing of custom-made crowns in place to serve as fake teeth - keeping the jaw from shrinking.

In other cases, the fake teeth may be implanted - instead of cemented. The difference is that cemented bridges require support from nearby teeth, while bridge implants do not. But you are going to need to be in good health for a dental bridge implant.

Why get a dental bridge?

The impact of missing teeth on your face is great and only gets bigger with time - if you do not close the gap. Naturally, teeth are designed to work together, so when a gap is left by a fallen or removed tooth (or fallen or removed teeth), the nearby teeth will want to bridge that gap on their own. The teeth surrounding the gap tilt towards it, and those on the other jaw lengthen too to fill the space.

Therefore, with time, the natural shape of the face gets distorted due to ignored gaps left by missing teeth. A person's face looks older (than their real age) when teeth are lost, and the resulting gap is ignored. The jawbone shrinks, so the lips thin and flatten – and ultimately results in an unflattering look overall.

After-Thought On Dental Bridges In London Ontario

Dental bridges are molded in dental laboratories from ceramics, metals, or a mix of both materials - based on the design of your teeth as taken by the dentist. Moreover, it may take more than one dental visit to get the job done. Finally, dental bridges should be looked after, just like natural teeth, brush, floss, remove plaque, and eat a proper diet for healthy teeth.

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