Fluoride Treatment London Ontario

A fluoride treatment involves the application of highly concentrated fluoride on teeth in the form of gel, foam, rinse, or finishing.

Fluoride is an essential natural mineral for oral health.

Fluoride helps to strengthen and brighten teeth. It is especially essential at preventing dental cavities and caries. It promotes healthy tooth enamel and guards against damaging bacterial activity.

Bacteria in the mouth accumulate into a layer of acid-producing plaque if left unchecked. The acid from the plaque erodes essential minerals from the tooth, leading to a weaker tooth structure and problems like cavities, carries, and sensitive teeth due to exposed nerves.

Fluoride can help with these problems. It restores those lost minerals and prevents bacteria from damaging teeth further. Fluoride can naturally be found in water, and for decades now, it has widely been used in the manufacturing of commercial toothpaste, but the fluoride in your water and toothpaste may not be as highly concentrated as the one used in professional treatment.

Dental fluoride treatment

Dental fluoride treatment can be administered as a finishing, through a mouthwash or dental trays. In the case of finishing, the fluoride is applied after a teeth-whitening procedure. Dental fluoride trays are held between the teeth to dispense fluoride continuously during the period they are worn.

A fluoride treatment does not take long; just a few minutes. The dentist will then instruct you not to "eat or drink within the next 30-60 minutes" so the treatment can fully absorb into your teeth.

Fluoride treatments are suitable for kids and adults alike. However, fluoride-based treatments and pastes for kids under the age of 2 should be cautiously administered. If kids swallow excess fluoride at this age range, it may lead to weaker bones, white specks on teeth, and poor homeostasis.

Fluoride Treatment London Ontario

That's it, ladies and gentlemen; a fluoride treatment is a totally painless and simple procedure to brighten and strengthen your teeth. But in addition to this treatment, use a fluoride toothpaste/mouthwash daily for even better results.

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