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When you have an uneven or low gum line, then you have a gummy smile. It’s not a pleasant thing to have because the condition prevents you from smiling, especially when there are people around you. But thanks to the advent of technology, a gummy smile can be corrected through gum sculpting.

The gum sculpting procedure entails removing the Gingival tissue surgically for either aesthetic or therapeutic reasons. After the process, the gum lines come aligned and raised to give you the beautiful smile you desire.

The process is also ideal for people suffering from periodontal diseases. Gum sculpting helps to remove the inflamed tissues that have developed within the teeth and gums. Their denture also gets cleaned, and from then, the victim is usually able to maintain good dental hygiene.

Gum sculpting comes with impressive benefits. After the procedure, the teeth, gums, and bones are no longer at the risk of getting severely damaged if properly kept. You also get to enjoy your dream smile!

Is Gum Sculpting Painful?

Fortunately, the procedure is not only safe - but also painless. You hardly feel what the oral surgeon, dentist or periodontist does on your gums and teeth, but the outcome will leave you with the most beautiful and natural smile.

Is the Gum Sculpting Procedure Similar Everywhere?

No. The procedure gets carried out in either of the following three ways;

• Using electro-surgery

• Applying chemical agents

• Conducting the surgery using a laser

But of the above methods, most dentists prefer using a laser to do gum sculpting because the results are renowned for their high accuracy. Also, most patients with postoperative care heal faster than when the other methods get used. Most patients also tolerate this method amazingly well.

For the very best results, seek gum sculpting services from reputable dental clinics with experienced dentists and dental care specialists. Don’t allow your unaligned or low gum line to hinder you from smiling or make you embarrassed of your smile. Have a specialist perform gum sculpting on you.

Gum Sculpting In London Ontario

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