Oral Cancer Check London Ontario


An oral cancer check is a test done by a dentist/doctor when looking for cancerous or pre-cancerous cells. Oral cancer checks are done when a patient is suspected of having cancer due to the presence of abnormal lumps in the mouth or throat. Its symptoms present themselves in the form of red or white patches and mouth sores.

The dentist or the doctor, using clean hands with gloves, will feel around and inside your mouth and throat area, trying to feel for abnormal lumps. If there is a presence of abnormalities, then further tests are conducted.

Oral cancer screening is done in different forms. These include;

  • An ultrasound
  • An MRI
  • A barium swallow test
  • The contrast medium screening dye
  • The oral cancer screening light
  • The oral brush biopsy
  • An endoscopy
  • A computed tomography scan (CT SCAN, CAT SCAN)

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