Porcelain Veneers London Ontario

Veneers are a work of dental artistry – carefully sized, crafted, and placed by our expert team at Sbenati Dentistry.

Not only is it one of the more comfortable cosmetic dental treatments, but patients love them because they are perfectly fitted to your exact facial shape and teeth colouring, making them indistinguishable from natural teeth.

What are dental Veneers and how will they help me?

Veneers are thin porcelain coverings permanently bonded to your teeth to help correct colouring and shape for a better smile. To make sure you feel the most confident and comfortable, we use porcelain as the chosen gold-standard for cosmetic fixes, because of how well the material blends into the natural colour and feel of your teeth. A thin layer of beautiful, teeth coloured porcelain is placed on the front surface of the chosen teeth to create your dream smile.

Common Dental Issues Fixed by Veneers:

  • Covering worn or chipped teeth
  • Colour correcting stained teeth that cannot be whitened
  • Closing the gap on uneven spaces between teeth
  • Reshaping crooked or misshaped teeth


  • Less invasive than procedures like bridges and crowns
  • Indistinguishable to give you a natural smile
  • Wide range of porcelain size and colouring solutions to make sure your veneers are custom to your smile

What does my Veneer journey look like?

We take pride in your smile, and our work to transform the way your teeth look. Veneers are a restorative  process that requires carefully crafting and sizing the porcelain covers to perfection; we treat it with the same detail as restoring a beautiful, classic painting!

On your first visit, our team will have the exact veneer colouring, sizing, and shape formula planned out before you leave.


  1. Consultation First!

Come in and meet the team at Sbenati Density to talk about your smile goals, and make sure veneers are the right option for you! We want to make sure it fits into your dental journey and give you all the options and advantages including No-Prep Veneers. Whether you’re looking for a single tooth correction or all your teeth, you’ll have a customized plan just for you.

Once you have the different options, we will show you what you can achieve with a veneer placement! Starting with taking digital images of your smile, we’ll show you a high-resolution image, and privately discuss with you what you want to achieve. Remember, we take pride in your smile, and the work we do for you.

After carefully listening to your needs, we’ll provide you with a library of pictures showing you how veneers have changed other smiles and lives! Every veneer formula is unique to the person it’s created for, so you’ll be confident in knowing your veneers are uniquely yours.

  1. Your Custom Model

After discussing all the veneer options suited for you and building your cosmetic roadmap, we’ll carefully make a model of your teeth and mouth to be sent to an expert Ceramist. Working with the best Ceramists in Canada, we pick someone who is going to align with your dental journey – our partnerships ensure they know all the exact specifications to help you achieve your goal.

The Ceramist will then put your custom mouth and teeth model through a variety of chewing simulations and place wax over the model to build a replica of your veneers. Not only does this ensure the right colouring and sizing, but assures your veneers will function properly as a long-term dental solution.

The best part?

Once the expert Ceramist completes the testing, your doctor is going to see the final product before you begin your dental procedure. You’ll then have a pair of custom temporary veneers, so you can go ahead and show off that smile before your veneers are permanently placed!

  1. Moving from Temporaries to your new Veneers

Before we move forward with the real veneer placement, we’ll take care of any tooth contouring needed to make sure your veneers will easily and comfortably fit. During this time, you will have temporary veneers for about 3 weeks. This allows us to make precise alterations to the veneers to ensure the perfect fit. With tooth contouring, we take the utmost care with local anesthetic and delicate contouring procedures to remove the least amount of tooth enamel possible to avoid any pain.

Not all teeth are made equal, and neither are all dentists. No matter where you decide to do your veneers, the team at Sbenati Dentistry always suggest you ask your Dentist about their contouring procedures. You want to make sure your teeth are carefully contoured without grinding them down to the base. At Sbenati Dentistry, we put care and time into the modeling and contouring process to make sure we contour the least amount necessary.   

Depending on your custom veneer model, tooth contouring may only be needed for a few select teeth, while others can be fixed with No-Prep Veneers that do not require contouring.

  1. Time for a Brand-New Smile

You’ve built your roadmap with our team, your temporary veneers are perfectly adjusted, and it’s now time for a brand new smile! Before we do the porcelain bonding for your permanent veneers, we’ll have you try them on and make sure they meet your exact smile goals!

When you’re ready, we gently bond your permanent porcelain veneers. Your teeth are now completely restored and looking like new. Next we’ll do a simple bite-test to make sure you have perfect functionality, and determine if a protective guard should be worn at nighttime.

Not only do you have a new smile, but you now have your best smile!



If you’re ready to restore your smile, reach out to the Sbenati Dentistry team through our online “Request An Appointment” form or call give us a call at (519)-474-0220 to schedule a Veneer Consultation.