Sports Mouthguards


Sports mouthguards protect a wearer's teeth from injuries while they engage in sporting activities. Certain sporting activities such as football, rugby, boxing, hockey, and gymnastics carry a high risk of leading to situations and incidents that can have a significant impact on your face. Therefore, it is crazy to hit the field or court or ring without taking measures to keep your teeth safe; you might fall on your face, bump onto something hard, or a punch might land on your mouth, knocking out your teeth, among other injuries.

Sports mouthguards reduce this impact, keeping your teeth safe. Some suitable sports mouthguards include Stock Mouthguards and Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards. These can be bought from most sporting good shops or even some drug stores. Stock Mouthguards come in various sizes, unlike Boil-and-Bite mouthguards, which come in one size, requiring customization by boiling to soften - then biting to a custom fit.

You can also get a custom-fit mouthguard by asking your dentist to create one based on your mouth's mold.

Sports Mouthguards In London, Ontario.

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