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Veneers and self-confidence – how do they relate

Sports Mouthguards: Everything You Need To Know!

Sports mouthguards protect a wearer’s teeth from injuries while they engage in sporting activities. Certain sporting activities such as football, rugby, boxing, hockey, and gymnastics carry a high risk of leading to situations and incidents that can have a significant

Top 5 reasons to get a Smile Makeover in London

A smile makeover in London overall is a compelling approach to joining medicines to arrive at your aesthetic objectives and can give you a similar result as a face-lift would. These facial makeovers utilize parts of your facial extents, talking

Top 4 Questions About Your Invisalign Treatment in London Ontario

Invisalign can address multiple issues including crossbites, swarmed teeth, gapped teeth, an open bite, overbite, and underbites. Utilizing the most recent innovation, Invisalign treatment in London has helped change many smiles all over the planet, could yours be next? An

Oral Health & Older Women: Systematic Health Issues

The University at Buffalo (UB) has recently released a research study that shows how higher intakes of sugary foods such as baked goods, soft drinks, and bread might lead to systematic health issues of post menopausal women and poor oral

5 Things Your Smile Says About Your Overall Health

Have you ever heard the expression that a picture is worth 1000 words? Well, the reason for this must be the amazing smiles that make up a great picture. Your smile says a lot about you such as if you

Are Zirconia Dental Implants the future of dentistry?

zirconia implants have been used in Europe but are relatively new in North America, due to FDA approval not being passed until 2011. Many studies have investigated how Zirconia dental implants on soft & hard tissues far exceed the success

Everything you’ll want to know about Dental Crowns

There have been a lot of questions about dental crowns, their different types, What they are exactly, When do I need them, and how much they cost. Although it isn’t the only way to restore the shape, look, and function

10 Reasons Canadians dream about losing their teeth!

Did you know that the second most common dream in the world and the most common in Canada is about people losing their teeth? The first is getting bitten by a snake. YIKES! A recent study mapped out the most

What the Liberal-NDP Dental Care Plan means for Canadians?

One of the biggest topics in the news lately could become official as soon as this year, which is universal dental coverage for children under 12. NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh said, “It is a matter of dignity, this will make

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