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From Hollywood to Instagram, we constantly see pictures of these picture perfect smiles, while, straight, and beautiful shapes. We often wonder what it takes to get these teeth on our own selves. If you are one who is wondering on how your smile will look like after a smile makeover, look no further. 

It’s true, over one quarter of the population believe that their smile isn’t good enough to be shown to public - ie. they do not smile.  It is also true that those who do smile get a different image about themselves of friendliness, confidence, beauty, and inner self-worth. There is a popular quote that says “a smile is worth a thousand words,” that is because of the projection one gives with a beautiful and confident smile. 

What should you expect at your Smile Design consult appointment? 

We will ask you comprehensive questions regarding your expectations, and what you are looking to end up with (ie. the smile result you want). If there are any celebrities, friends, or family members who’s smile you’d like to emulate, then bring their pictures and we will design a smile that is a very close replica of their smile.  We gather more information, take X-rays, pictures, and videos.  We then take shade samples of your current shade and see what shade you are amazing to achieve with your new smile.  After the appointment finishes, we get to work on creating your ideal smile. We use digital technology and work with the laboratory to design the ideal shape, size, contour and symmetry of your smile. 

What happens during the second consult appointment? 

The second consult appointment is called a “Smile Test Drive.” This is where you get to try on your new smile and compare how this new one is to the old smile.  We take pictures and videos in order to compare side by side images and videos, to help you make the informed decision that you will be happy about.  At this appointment, you would tell us what you like and if any changes need to be done. 

How many appointments does it take to do a Smile Makeover?

It depends. It could be from 4-6 appointments (sometimes more), depending on the number of changes we have to employ, the complexity of the treatment, if any surgeries are required, etc. If it is deemed more appropriate to have Invisalign or braces first, then there will be more appointments. Our job is ensure you love your smile and that you get to keep your new smile for many years to come. 

How long do veneers last?

Usually around 15 years, but it could be less or more, depending on how well you maintain your oral health, your eating habits, and bite (ie. your occlusion).  

How much does a smile makeover and veneers cost?

A smile makeover can vary depending on several factors - crowding, shapes, sizes of teeth, inclination, position, gaps, gum health, occlusion (or bite analysis). The best way to find out how much your smile makeover will cost is to book your consult appointment with us. 

Should you have any questions, please call us at 519-474-0220 or email us [email protected] 

Before and After Smile Transformation