5 Possible Reasons for Gum Pain in 2022

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“Ouch, why are my gums sore!?”

Does that sound like you? If so, you should get to the root of the cause!

5 Answers: Why Are My Gums Sore?

When your teeth and gums hurt, it can affect every aspect of life. It makes you feel miserable and can pose serious health risks depending on the cause.

Keep reading to learn what causes sore gums so you know when to see a dentist.

1. Periodontal Bacteria

According to the CDC, 50% of the American population suffers from periodontal disease. If you fall into the unfortunate half, then see your dentist right away.

Gingivitis constitutes the most cases. You will notice red and swollen gums, with bad breath, some bleeding, and pain, but at this point, you can still save the tissue from degeneration.

When left untreated, gingivitis turns into periodontitis. This causes a pus pocket on the gums and tooth loss as the gums recede and can even lead to heart and lung disease.

You can easily prevent gum disease by practicing good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day at two-minute intervals and floss before bed.

2. Poor Diet

Diet can affect your gum health. Your sensitivity could have to do with the foods you eat.

Sugary foods and drinks stick to the teeth and gums. This makes your mouth produce acids that erode, causing inflammation and pain.

Acidic foods like citrus fruits and caffeine may also cause gum sensitivity. Try eating a bland, sugar-free diet for a couple of days to see if it improves.


Most people think of gastroesophageal reflux causing chest pain. But, it can also affect your gums and teeth.

Sometimes, the digestive acids travel all the way into the mouth. Think about their role in the body.

They break down proteins and other nutrients. So, the sensitive tissue of your gums do not stand a chance and can get sores.

See your doctor about GERD and burning gums treatment. Antacids, a bland diet, and stress-reducing activities, like yoga and meditation, may help to reduce the acid production in your body.

4. Toothpaste

When you brush your teeth regularly, gum pain may confuse you. But your toothpaste might actually be the cause of your pain.

Whitening toothpaste often contains peroxide, which kills harmful bacteria while whitening your pearls also causes gum sensitivity in the process. Pyrophosphate and hexylresorcinol in tarter control paste can cause irritation, sloughing, and small sores on the gums.

In these instances, simply changing your toothpaste will offer sore gum relief.

5. Stress

We mentioned above that stress leads to GERD through increased acid production. But, stress also contributes to sore gums through the production of cortisol.

This hormone increases inflammation in the body, and this can lead to sore gums. Try to keep your stress to a minimum by budgeting your time, exercising, and taking stress management classed when necessary.

Take Gum Health Seriously

Do not let mouth pain go on too long, as it can lead to tooth decay and serious health problems. Call your dentist when you cannot seem to answer, “Why are my gums sore?”

Your tooth and gum health is important to us. Please contact us to make an appointment at Sbenati Dentistry in London Ontario!

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