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There is nothing you can do to plan for a dental emergency. Extreme sharp pain may suddenly appear overnight, a cavity may hit your nerves just as you wake up, or a relaxing day at home can turn into a long sleepless night.


Stop The Pain: Get your Dental Emergency Treated Now

The last thing you want for yourself or someone in your family is to be stuck at home with major dental pain and no relief.

If you experience any severe dental pain, rest assure when you call the Sbenati Dentistry team, we will do everything we can to get you booked in and start treatment to get you the relief you need.

Call us today to request your dental emergency appointment in London, Ontario.

What do I do if my family or I are having a dental emergency?

Emergencies happen fast and at times you least expect. And if you’ve ever felt tooth pain, you know your entire day can come to a halt as you or a loved one try to cope with a tooth ache.

But you don’t have to worry. Give us a call immediately and the dental team at Sbenati Dentistry will be ready to help you with your dental emergency.

Firstly, our dental experts will talk you through your pain over the phone to find out how long you’ve been feeling an ache and the severity of the pain.

Secondly, we’ll have you scheduled in for a visit as soon as we can to provide you treatment as fast as possible.

Thirdly, when you come in for your visit, we’ll do an x-ray to identify the source of the pain and see if it’s possible to treat it right on the spot. There are many different levels of tooth pain and they all can mean different things; but pain does not mean you need a major procedure. Often, we think that a painful tooth can end up meaning a root canal or a tooth extraction – but that’s not always the case, it could simply mean you need a quick filling or cavity cleaning.

We’ll have a doctor on staff for you to help diagnose and determine the best and quickest treatment for your dental emergency.


Should I wait for the pain to subside?

Don’t wait for the pain to become worse – a simple tooth ache could turn into a tooth extraction if you wait too long. The sooner we can help you diagnose the problem, the sooner we can get you treatment.

If there is an infection or special circumstance where we cannot perform dental treatment in the same day, we’ll guide you through what is going to help curb the pain until we can find an appointment date that works best for you.

You won’t be stuck going through tooth pain on your own, we’ll make sure you have what you need to lessen the pain until you are ready for a full dental treatment.

Other types of Dental Emergencies:

A dental emergency does not always mean pain – sometimes you can end up with a chipped tooth, a lost filling or crown, and even a mouth sore that causes discomfort. But all these minor emergencies can turn into something bigger if not treated.

We’ll work with you to determine how urgent the need is and if there is any cause for concern. If you need to come in for treatment, our team will find a time and date that works within your schedule.


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Knowledge Centre Tips & FAQs

Due to the nature of everything going on right now in the world, we recommend that you find an experienced and top-rated emergency dentist in London, Ontario, today.  A caring emergency dentist that you fully trust to take care of you and your family’s most urgent dental needs thoroughly and rapidly.

According to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RSDSO), dental infections that can potentially spread to the surrounding tissue and jawbone, orofacial injury/ trauma, prolonged bleeding, and severe, throbbing dental/oral pain that cannot be managed with over-the-counter analgesics constitute true dental emergencies and you need to contact an emergency dentist in London, Ontario, immediately. Recognizing a dental emergency is the first step towards getting the necessary dental treatment in due time.

It’s in your best interest to seek emergency dental services in London, Ontario, when really needed. Note that not every dental issue you may have constitutes a dental emergency. If you’re experiencing dental/oral pain or discomfort but you’re unsure whether your dental issue is really an emergency, be sure to call ahead at 519 474 0220. You can speak with a London, Ontario, emergency dentist to see if your dental problem can wait or you need emergency dental care. Here are some dental problems that constitute real dental emergencies and call for emergency dental care in London, Ontario:

Tooth Abcess/Infection

When you have an abscessed tooth, you can experience moderate to severe pain that tends to radiate to your jawbone, ear, and neck, and cause other symptoms such as red and swollen gums, facial swelling, fever, and a foul taste in your mouth. An abscessed tooth is one of the most common dental emergencies requiring immediate treatment because it’s a serious and potentially life-threatening condition if not promptly treated. A dental abscess is essentially a pocket of pus caused by a bacterial infection and can occur on the gums (gingival abscess), on the gum next to a tooth’s root (periodontal abscess) or at the tip of the root (periapical abscess).

Avulsed or Knocked-Out Tooth

Permanent tooth avulsion is a dental emergency because immediate reimplantation of the avulsed tooth is required within 1-2 hours. An avulsed tooth means that the tooth has been completely displaced from its socket in the alveolar bone due to trauma. If the socket is still bleeding, the chances of successfully reimplanting and thus saving a knocked-out tooth are the best. Be sure to avoid touching the root of the avulsed tooth when picking it up. Try to insert the tooth back in its socket, or carefully place it in a container of milk to prevent the root from drying out, if unable to hold it in place, and head straight to your emergency dentist in London, Ontario, for your own good.

Cracked or Broken/ Fractured Tooth

A fractured or cracked tooth can also constitute a dental emergency especially if you’re experiencing intense pain, tooth sensitivity, swelling or sharp edges/tooth fragments due to the fracture hurting your gums or mouth. Depending on the depth of a tooth fracture, you can exhibit mild or more severe symptoms. A tooth fracture can only involve the tooth’s enamel, it can expose the dentin or even expose the pulp of the tooth. When only the enamel is affected, you may notice sharp or rough edges. When the dentin is exposed, you typically experience sensitivity to cold water and air. Bleeding from the tooth (typically loose) indicates that the pulp has been exposed and emergency root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth.

Other dental emergencies include gum bleeding and inflammation, orofacial injury/trauma, jawbone dislocation/fracture. post-surgery and post-extraction issues, and even something stuck between your teeth that you can’t get out using floss.

Keep in mind that:

  • Any toothache (caused by infection, pressure, temperature sensitivity, or a lost filling, etc)
  • Any swelling (facial or inside your mouth)
  • A broken/fractured tooth (that irritates your mouth)
  • A knocked-out tooth (completely out of its socket)
  • Any oral bleeding (including caused by a badly bitten tongue or lip)

are dental emergencies, signaling the need for prompt dental care.

When you or any one of your dear family members have a sudden, urgent, and unforeseen dental problem, which is, more often than not, accompanied by moderate to severe, excruciating pain – in other words, a dental emergency – you have two options: 1. Take an over-the-counter analgesic/anti-inflammatory, hoping your pain and dental issue will go away (the “wait and see” approach) or 2. Immediately see a trusted dentist who specializes in emergency dentistry in London, Ontario (the sensible choice).

While oral pain medication may be helpful, the analgesic effect typically lasts just for a few hours, and more importantly, analgesics do not address the underlying cause of your dental issue and cannot save your affected tooth. It is for these 2 main reasons that you or your family member will need emergency dental care.

Once you’ve received emergency dental treatment by a dedicated, experienced, and well-respected London, Ontario, emergency dentist, the symptoms associated with your dental emergency (e.g dental/oral pain, swelling, bleeding, etc) will immediately go away or gradually reduce, on a case-by-case basis, depending on the nature and severity of your dental problem.

Emergency dental care is aimed at stopping gum/oral bleeding, alleviating dental/oral pain, reducing orofacial swelling, and treating dental infections that can potentially be life-threatening (in this emergency situation, your emergency dentist in London, Ontario, will typically prescribe oral antibiotics as part of the treatment), depending on your specific dental problem. In many emergency situations, adequate emergency dental treatment can also mean the difference between losing and saving a tooth.

It’s worth noting that not all dentists in London, Ontario, provide emergency dentistry services. Because time is of the essence when you or any one your family members are experiencing a dental emergency, you should wisely find a great emergency dentist in London, Ontario, far in advance so you don’t lose any precious time trying to find one when in need of emergency dental services in London, Ontario. The wait-and-see approach is counter-intuitive because a true dental emergency tends to aggravate within a very short period of time. 

When you or anyone your family members have a dental emergency, it’s absolutely crucial to see a trusted London, Ontario, emergency dentist immediately. This allows the dentist to act promptly, to you or your family member’s oral health benefit, and provide you with much-needed emergency dental care aimed at resolving your specific dental issue and restoring your oral health.

The longer you wait to receive treatment, the worse your dental problem or condition will get. If you don’t reach out for help right away, you may risk exacerbation of your dental/oral pain and other symptoms, losing a tooth, and even potentially severe complications.

No dental infection should be taken lightly. If not promptly treated, it can spread to the surrounding tissue, your jaw, and even your brain. In rare cases, a dental infection can cause sepsis, a potentially fatal system condition. Emergency treatment options for a tooth abscess include draining the abscess and cleaning the area with saline, oral antibiotics to clear up the infection, and emergency root canal treatment to remove the infected pulp of the tooth if the abscess is located at the tip of the root (periapical).

Keep in mind that pain associated with a periapical abscess tends to be exacerbated by biting and chewing, which means that it can prevent you from eating. If a dental abscess has already ruptured, immediate dental care is still required. With the use of dental X-rays, panoramic films, and CT scan, your emergency dentist in London, Ontario, will be able to see whether the dental infection has spread to other areas or not. The risk of spreading to your jawbone is minimized when you allow your London, Ontario, emergency dentist to act quickly.

If your dental emergency involves an avulsed or knocked-out permanent tooth, the longer you wait to see a dentist and receive adequate treatment, the slimmer the chances of successful reimplantation and healing. In this emergency situation, every minute counts, which is why your emergency dentist in London, Ontario, needs to be given the opportunity to act as quickly as possible (preferably within 60 minutes) in order to save your tooth.

Tooth avulsion commonly involves anterior teeth (e .g. incisors and maxillary anterior which have a single root), which can have a visibly negative impact on your appearance. Note that moisture is crucial to tooth preservation, so be sure to avoid wiping or drying the knocked-out tooth’s root. If you see a London, Ontario, emergency dentist too late, you will most likely lose your affected tooth. If your tooth cannot be saved, you may want to consider a tooth replacement option such as a dental implant.

Likewise, you need to receive emergency dental treatment if you have a fractured tooth (a knocked-out tooth may also be fractured). Treatment for a fracture that doesn’t go beyond the tooth’s enamel involves smoothing the rough edges to prevent further irritation, while treatment for deeper and more painful fractures that expose the dentin or pulp involves restoration with composite resin (white filling), or a crown (if the fracture is quite extensive), and emergency root canal treatment, respectively.

Although you cannot actually see a fracture that exposes the pulp (an alveolar or root fracture), the affected tooth may be loose. If you’ve sustained an orofacial injury/trauma and you notice one or more loose teeth, this may indicate that you have deep tooth fracture(s). Immediately call a trusted, top emergency dentist in London, Ontario, to help you save the affected teeth.

Failure to contact and see your London, Ontario, emergency dentist in a timely manner in order to receive the necessary emergency treatment when you have a true dental emergency can ultimately cost you the affected tooth/teeth. So be sure to make the right, smart decision for your oral health.

The Benefits of Great Rapid Oral Care in Various Emergency Situations

  • Rapidly alleviating dental or oral pain, oftentimes severe, that cannot be managed with OTC painkillers
  • Quickly reducing orofacial swelling, which typically interferes with your ability to bite, chew, and even speak
  • Rapidly stopping prolonged/profuse dental or oral bleeding that does not stop on its own
  • The chances of saving the affected tooth are maximized when you receive emergency dental care
  • Promptly addressing the cause of your dental problem also means you’ll benefit from faster recovery
  • Minimizing the risk of complications (potentially severe e.g. the chances of a dental infection spreading to your jaw)
  • Improving your ability to get a good night’s sleep (which is typically affected when you’re in pain)
  • Enabling you to resume your work and take care of your loved ones, because you’ll immediately feel a lot better
  • Rapidly improving your masticatory function (biting and chewing abilities), often compromised in dental emergencies
  • Other functional and oral health benefits as well as aesthetic benefits (rapid improvement of your smile & appearance),

      Because, let’s face it – orofacial swelling or bleeding, loose/knocked-out/broken teeth are anything but attractive.

Your London Ontario Emergency Dental Clinic

Whilst we are not a 24-hour emergency dental clinic and we do not offer a 24-hour dental emergency service, we are ready to help you whenever we are open – so call ahead and call as soon as the emergency occurs – and we will book you in. We also accept walk-ins in the case of an emergency.

At Sbenati Dentistry, we take great pride in Dr. Halim Sbenati’s ability to provide industry-leading, dependable, and affordably-priced emergency dental care to the entire London, Ontario, community, from children and young adults, to the elderly but young at heart, in a calming and relaxing environment. Whenever you or a member of your family is experiencing a dental emergency, you cannot afford to wait and suffer, and possibly even risk losing a tooth — Wisely count on Dr. Halim Sbenati’s dental expertise, impressive experience, dedication, and compassion and have your dental emergency promptly treated, even if you may suffer from dental anxiety.

We strive to relieve your anxiety and make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible while you receive personalized emergency dental treatment and all the attention you deserve. When you need an experienced, top-rated, and well-known emergency care dentist in London, Ontario, call our office. Families have trusted Dr. Sbenati for years to promptly take care of their dental emergencies, do not hesitate to get in touch with Sbenati Dentistry right away by phone at 519-474-0220, by email at info@sbenatidentistry.cavia chat, or through the online contact form. We are here for you.

At Sbenati Dentistry, we adhere to the RSDSO’s standards and guidelines and we are committed to promptly catering to your entire family’s most urgent dental care needs and helping you Smile Better & Live Better.