Invisalign in London Ontario

Do you have crooked teeth and want a clear aligner solution?

Invisalign can fix issues like crowding, overbites, underbites, and gaps

4 things people love about Invisalign...

(There are many more, but we'll list the first 4 ;))

Invisalign straightens crooked teeth

Comfort: Clear aligners are made of a smooth, comfortable material that won’t irritate your gums or lips like traditional braces can

Invisalign improves your smile

Convenience: The clear aligner system is designed to be removable, so you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in your braces or having to brush around metal brackets and wires

Invisalign - positions teeth back

Customized Treatment: Your clear aligners will be custom-made just for you based on detailed impressions of your teeth and customized instructions from Dr. Sbenati

Invisalign improve your bite

It improves your bite to protect your teeth.

What is Invisalign

The Unseen Solution to a Straighter Smile with Clear Aligners

Most people don’t want to hide their smile; but not having the smile you want means missing out on moments like sharing a smile with someone passing by, not showing your happiest smile in a memorable photo, or being shy about the way braces look.

And while conventional dental treatments like braces help position your teeth, they take a long time, require a lot of upkeep, and are very noticeable.
Clear aligners are designed to treat a broad range of teeth straightening issues in growing children, from simple to complex, including crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches. This is your solution to a comfortable, convenient, and virtually invisible treatment for you to reach your goal of a straighter smile.

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How do Invisalign Aligners Work?

The easy process to straighten teeth in Hyde Park, London, ON

Our dentists will create a custom treatment plan for you that will slowly move your teeth into the correct position.

You’ll be able to see how Invisalign will transform your smile using digital scans – and you may be surprised at just how much difference it can make.

Invisalign custom treatment plan

Come in and meet your doctor for a consultation. We take the time to listen and talk to you to find out your smile goals and how you can reach them with Invisalign clear aligners.


After understanding what you want, we’ll take photos of your teeth structure to create a detailed 3D image and model that fits your mouth. Ensuring the aligners are a comfortable fit


We’ll work with you to plan exactly what your journey will look like – from beginning to end-result. You’ll be able to see how Invisalign will transform your smile using digital scans.


Once you see your new smile you can decide at the end of our consultation session to move forward with treatment and start your path to a brand new you.

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Why Choose
Invisalign Treatment Over

The advantages of Invisalign Treatment:

The Invisible Treatment: Invisalign is a completely discrete solution allowing you to straighten teeth and improve your smile without the metal of traditional braces. The clear aligners fit perfectly on your teeth so you can smile with confidence, while still improving the form and shape of your teeth.

Less Pain and More Convenient: Braces can cause an amount of discomfort and pain from small cuts and tares caused by sharp wires and brackets. Invisalign’s easy-fit aligners take away the pain by slipping onto your teeth comfortably without the need for metal wires. Giving you the freedom to take them out with ease. There is nothing stopping you from enjoying your favourite foods or taking part in your favourite activities. It is also much easier to brush your teeth (simply remove the aligner!).
Easily maintained: Metal braces require constant check-ups without knowing the end result. Invisalign gives you the results upfront. Working with the Sbenati Dental team, you will be able to customize your Invisalign journey during your quick smile assessment, so you can be confident that Invisalign is right for you without having to sacrifice your ability to brush and floss.
More Sanitary and Better for Dental Health: With the ability to quickly remove Invisalign aligners, you’ll be able to maintain your regular brushing and dental hygiene habits without taking extra steps for cleaning.


Both braces and Invisalign are orthodontic treatment solutions – but which is going to be right for you?

Braces are always an option – but they do need a lot of upkeep, which makes the process of straightening your smile more of a hassle than it should be. Dealing with metal brackets, adjusting the position of wiring, and causing minor discomforts like scrapes and tears are inconveniences most people don’t want to deal with.

Wearing clear aligners eliminates all the extra steps when compared with conventional braces while still giving you the results of straight teeth and therefore a straight smile. This futuristic align technology works by using a custom invisible aligner designed to straighten your smile and deliver similar if not better results than braces.

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Knowledge Centre Tips & FAQs

Age and Tooth Density:

A common question that is asked by prospective Invisalign patients is “Am I too young or too old for Invisalign?” While age does play a factor, there is no specific age limit to Invisalign treatment. What it really comes down to is the strength of your teeth. For children under the age of ten, and adults above the age of 70, we’ll work with you through the consultation phase to decide if your teeth can become straighter with Invisalign.

Maintenance and Upkeep:

Invisalign is very low maintenance – compared to metal braces – but the treatment does require solid focus on the end goal and an innate willingness to keep up with the aligner routine. Simply make sure the aligner remains on your teeth for a minimum of 22 hours per day and avoid taking the aligners off for more than a one-hour period (per day) in your first 3-6 months. If your teeth are well on their way to being straight after the first 6 months, you’ll only need to wear Invisalign retainers during the night.

Treatment times vary case by case. Invisalign treatments range from 3-6 months at first, and after the 6 months, you’ll be able to wear a nighttime retainer. Once you hit the 12-month mark, we recommend you continue wearing a retainer 3-4 nights a week to ensure no shifting or misalignment reoccurs in the future. On average, wear time for Invisalign is much shorter than braces. Read more in our blog: How Long do Invisalign treatment last?
At Sbenati Dentistry, we have you covered by making sure we considered all factors before, during, and after treatment. We provide over correction aligners as a part of your treatment to make sure you get the results you want.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners as opposed to metal braces. The clear plastic aligners gradually move teeth into their proper position. The treatment can be used to correct both dental and bite misalignment.

The realignment is achieved by wearing clear and conforming aligners for about 20 hours a day – for a set treatment duration. Unlike traditional or lingual braces, Invisalign trays are removable. You get the flexibility to take breaks for brushing, flossing, and eating.

Beauty and wellness

Many patients are increasingly favouring Invisalign over braces and other orthodontic alignment measures. The top reason for that is that the trays are invisible, and unlike metallic brackets, they are not glued to your teeth. No wires traverse your dental structure. You can smile with confidence wherever you are.

Invisalign treatment is triple precise. The technique uses digital imaging to create aligners that conform and align with your dental outline without causing discomfort. The treatment works for both teenagers and adults, giving them control over their dental wellness.

Invisalign dental consultation

The process of getting Invisalign for flexible and beautiful dental alignment starts with an in-office consultation. Dental specialists look at your teeth and decide whether you are a good candidate for the treatment. You will have 3D imaging of your dental structure done; 3D imaging will then be used to create Invisalign molds.

Invisalign trays and usage

The Invisalign team creates a series of trays that gradually move you to optimal alignment and a better (more beautiful/aesthetic) smile. The process of creating invisible aligners is data-driven and highly precise. Patients return to the dentist’s office at a later date to obtain the trays.

The dentist will guide you on the process of using the Invisible trays to achieve treatment goals. Each tray in the series is worn for about two weeks – before progressing to the next.

Invisalign follow up visits

Unlike other teeth realignment approaches, Invisalign entails regular visits to the dentist. These consultations make it possible to track, evaluate, and document progress. If there are delays, or inefficiencies are found, you may need newer (more precise and custom) trays. 

Invisalign appointments are fast, easy, and allow the dentist to monitor the process of treatment and ensure that the desired results are being achieved.

Invisalign and self directed options are not the same

Because Invisalign and self directed options are all transparent aligners, it can be easy to confuse them and think they are all the same – or do the same things. The truth is, there are clear differences in the way these treatment options work.

Supervision: With Invisalign, dentists are part of the process from start to finish. You will get your aligners created after a visit to the dentist and 3D imaging. Next comes the follow-up dentist visits to track your progress with the treatment. Everything is tracked and monitored closely.

With self directed options, the treatment is self-administered. You create your own molds at home and get trays directly from the aligner company. There is no initial dental consultation or a follow up process in place.

This model opens up the treatment to certain risks, including inaccurate aligners.

Treatment types: As mentioned before, Invisalign can straighten teeth and correct overbites and underbites. Self directed aligner treatment options only straighten teeth. They don’t fix severe issues in misalignment.

What makes Invisalign a complete and comprehensive approach to overall dental wellness?

Cost of treatment: There is little face to face interactions when getting self directed treatment. The fact that you don’t need to visit a dentist makes the costs associated less/lower – numerically. Beware though that the ‘self-administer’ model of these options may lead to poor outcomes. Invisalign personalizes the treatment. Orthodontists and dentists work closely with you for the best results.

Endorsement: The Canadian Association of Orthodontists favours personalized orthodontic treatments with close patient-dentist interactions. The organization urges patients to carefully weigh risks versus rewards in deciding between DIY and monitored orthodontic treatments.

Read more in our blog What is Invisalign and how does it work?

The initial dentist consultation establishes whether your gums are healthy and strong enough for the treatment The follow-up visits establish whether the trays are working or whether they need to be adjusted for the best – and safe – results. You have someone to speak to when you have an issue with the trays Invisalign versus self directed treatment – costs The costs for Invisalign treatment ranges from $4000 to $8000. The duration for the treatment to attain perfect alignment can take 12 to 18 months. Self directed options cost less at a little over $1000 on the lower end and over $2000 in total on the higher end, and the duration for the treatment is usually around six months. Invisalign versus self directed options results Cost and treatment duration is not everything – because Invisalign leads to better results. The treatment not only straightens your teeth – it also fixes other complex dental issues. These include crowding, gaping, molar alignment, tooth rotation, and bite correction. Invisalign versus self directed treatment – botched results Existing dental issues: The dental correction success rate is higher with Invisalign than it is with self directed options. From the onset, the Invisalign dentist does an in-depth diagnosis of your dental situation. They can fix some issues before commencing the treatment for the best results. Self directed options do not have that. Accuracy with aligners: The molding and creation of dental impressions with Invisalign is done at the dentist’s office using the ITero Digital Scanning technology. The process leads to precise aligners. Self directed options, on the other hand, send you a DIY impression kit to take your impressions at home and mail back to them. That creates the risk of bad impressions. Invisalign versus self treatment options – ease of use Look and feel: You will look better and feel much more comfortable with Invisalign aligners. That is because the trays are rightfully customized to your dental structure. You can also have the trays changed or filed to remove rough edges during your follow-up visits. Consistency and support: There are high chances of success with Invisalign because regular check-ups with the dentist help you adhere to the treatment plan. With self directed options, you have no one to follow up with. User education: If you choose self treatment options, you also miss out on the user education that Invisalign patients get at the dentist. That education entails demonstrations of how the aligners work. We will teach you how to clean them, insert them, and remove them for the best alignment results.
Efficiency and flexibility: Just like Invisalign, more traditional transparent braces can straighten and align your teeth for a brilliant and beautiful smile. But these clear braces are just traditional metal braces with clear brackets. That essentially means that you can have your teeth straightened – but not with the efficiency, agility, and comfort of Invisalign. Wires vs. aligners: Clear braces, that are offered by traditional orthodontists, consist of clear metal brackets glued to each tooth. The connection is completed with a wire running around your teeth to tighten and adjust them into proper position. Lingual Braces:  Lingual braces are the same as traditional metal braces, except that the brackets and wires are placed on the inside of the teeth. Pros: Invisible from the outside Cons: Difficult to clean. Lifestyle and convenience: Invisalign works without crisscrossing wires and rubber bands. The treatment uses clear aligners that make the whole experience discreet and comfortable. The aligners are removable, making it convenient to eat and drink anything – without worrying about your treatment failing to work. Reliability: The clear aligners are meant to add comfort to the otherwise (and usually) stressful teeth straightening process – and blend with your lifestyle. Because they are removable, you can take them off when it’s time to eat and brush your teeth. Even so, you can drink anything while wearing the aligners. A truly futuristic orthodontic treatment. You can also eat crunchy and sticky foods – without causing damage to the aligners. Invisible metal braces do not support that. The wires and brackets may get damaged. Comfort: Further, unlike traditional clear braces, Invisalign teeth aligners are gentler. Of course, there is some level of discomfort to be expected when using any type of braces or aligners. That is because these dental props are designed to push your teeth in the proper position. But Invisalign feels more comfortable, and there are no wires that could cut into your gums. Self-care and personal responsibility: The dentist directly manages clear braces, just like traditional braces. Invisalign has dentist involvement, but you do the legwork of the treatment by sticking to the routine. You have to wear the aligners every day for about 20 hours and follow cleaning directions for the best results. Pricing and costs: Similarly, prices vary when you compare Invisalign to traditional braces. Invisalign pricing for the whole treatment plan can be something between $4000 and $8000. On the other hand, regular clear braces may cost between $2000 and $6000. In both cases, the exact amount you end up paying depends on the duration of treatment and the severity of the dental misalignment. You pay less when you use fewer Invisalign trays or clear braces. Read more in our blog: Is Invisalign better than Braces?

The above-stated costs are merely average estimates. The actual amount that you end up paying for Invisalign will depend on several factors, including:

Your current state of oral health and the extent of work to be done

Duration of dentist consultations

The amount your insurance company will give towards your Invisalign treatment

You may qualify for up to $4000 from your insurance plan (provider) for Invisalign treatment

You are much better off heading into adulthood with perfectly aligned teeth. Across the globe, teens and their parents invest in Invisalign because, at such a young age, the treatment duration can be shorter. That means that teenagers may end up paying less than adults for the full treatment.

There are various options for teeth straightening, including traditional braces and clear braces. But today, teenagers want a dental (teeth) straightening approach that aligns well with their lifestyle. Invisalign solves this dilemma.

Because it straightens teeth and corrects bite issues, Invisalign leads to better results among teens than regular braces. As a young person, you get healthy teeth and glowing smiles. These results are guaranteed to last long into adulthood.

Better oral hygiene: Teens find it easier to clean their teeth during and after treatment with Invisalign. The result is fewer chances of periodontal diseases and bad breath – and fewer visits to the dentists.

Prevents jaw issues: As a teenager, crooked teeth can lead to problems chewing, eating, and smiling. The highly effective Invisalign custom treatment plan help to correct these issues and prevent jaw problems.

Social confidence: Teens dislike braces. Wearing braces to school may feel uncomfortable, and other teens may take the chance to bully and make fun of you. Invisalign keeps things discreet. No one will notice that you are wearing braces/aligners.

You get to make friends easily: Teens that rarely smile may hardly make friends and may go on to lead lonely lives as adults. Crooked teeth and bad braces make it hard to smile, but Invisalign solves both problems at once. With a beautiful smile after the treatment, you will be able to win anyone’s trust with ease.

You can eat what you want: With Invisalign, you won’t be required to take off the braces when it’s time for a meal in the cafeteria (or school dining hall). It makes the whole teeth-straightening experience convenient and comfortable.

You are not alone. Most adults are scared of wearing braces because it is seen as a treatment for kids and teenagers. By the time you are an adult, you should no longer have teeth alignment issues, right? No.

Orthodontic care is not age-specific. You can seek teeth straightening treatments at any age. The only difference is that as an adult, you are more conscious about your appearance and esteem in society. Thankfully, the invisible Invisalign approach makes things easier for you.

You can wear the aligners to work or social functions without worrying and self-doubt. You will look beautiful, and when you smile, no one will notice that you are wearing aligners. They are invisible and made to conform to your teeth.

If you are worried about the embarrassment associated with wearing metal braces, try Invisalign. You won’t have to cover your mouth when you smile. And as that happens, your teeth will be getting straightened and strengthened. The Invisalign experience is many times more comfortable than traditional braces.

Invisalign boosts oral hygiene for adults

It is more challenging to clean crooked teeth. This kind of misalignment creates bacteria-inhabiting pockets where (or that) a toothbrush cannot reach. Therefore, you may find that even when you brush your teeth twice a day, you still get areas with plaque buildup, cavities, and bad breath. Straightening your teeth with Invisalign makes oral hygiene better – and optimum oral health easier to attain.


You are much more confident when you smile with perfect teeth

Crooked teeth can be a buzzkill at the office or a party. Technically you will always be afraid to smile because you don’t want anyone to see how your teeth look. When you get them straightened with Invisalign, you may earn the confidence and social esteem that drives you to the top.

You put off tooth wear

The enamel of your teeth can wear off and lead to pain and sensitivity. This issue is more prevalent among adults with crooked teeth. During eating, these teeth don’t meet properly, so they grind against each other, leading to erosion of tooth enamel. That changes when you straighten your teeth with Invisalign. Because of its high success rate, you will eat and chew properly without wearing out your teeth. You may live to old age with healthier teeth and gums.

Invisalign for adults prevents pain

One of the caveats of living with crooked teeth is jaw pain and jaw strain. Eating and speaking become an unpleasant experience. And because of the pressure that the crowded teeth put on your jaws, you become susceptible to regular headaches. Invisalign correction helps to solve these problems.

Invisalign for adults leads to broader smiles

Wonder why some people smile so easily? They seem to be photogenic. They have an approachable face that seems to grant them favors everywhere. The difference is that – these people have perfect jaw alignment. Their jaw muscles are relaxed, making them appear confident and friendly. If you have crooked teeth, the opposite is true. Your jaw will be clenched, and you will struggle to smile. Thankfully, Invisalign can change that.

With Invisalign, you can get your teeth straightened at any age

As an adult, you may think that teeth can only be straightened at a young age. That’s a common misconception. Your dental structure can be straightened and corrected at any age. Invisalign’s precise molding and progressive alignment lead to better results every time – at any age.

At Sbenati Dentistry in London, Ontario, we have a team of dental professionals with experience and knowledge of orthodontic treatment. Our partnership with Invisalign means that you can get the treatment close to home – without a long commute.

Beautiful smiles – personalized for comfort

You don’t have to live an uncomfortable life with braces. Our Invisalign treatment thrives on precision and personalization. From your first visit with us, the aligners will be customized for a better experience for you.

Our staff

Our team of dental professionals in London, Ontario, is highly skilled in teeth alignment. You can expect a gentle and caring experience at our dental office. The Invisalign treatment will focus not just on fixing the structural dental issues you have – but also on promoting holistic oral health.

General dentistry and orthodontic care

We provide dental and orthodontic care services to people of all ages. All are welcome, including teenagers and adults. We have the capacity and capabilities to meet your whole family’s dental health needs. Apart from teeth straightening, we offer regular cleaning + check-up services, and treatments that will help to prevent issues such as periodontal disease(s) and dental caries.

Cosmetic dentistry

Invisalign treatment plays a big role in enhancing ones beauty and appearance. Our team of cosmetic dental professionals will advise you on using the aligners for an excellent and beautiful smile. If you consider teeth whitening after the treatment, we will help you achieve sparkling white teeth using superior technology and dental solutions.

We will solve your Invisalign issues

When you have an issue with the Invisalign treatment and the problem cannot wait, we will be there. Our dental services take care of Invisalign issues, teeth extractions, and dental discomforts and accidents. Let’s be the ones to guarantee you better dental health.

We can work with your schedule

You need a dentist in London, Ontario, (and team) that can work with your schedule. Sometimes the pressure of work and daily life means that you can only be available late evenings for dental visits. At Sbenati Dentistry in London, Ontario, we provide Invisalign treatment and dental care that aligns with your schedule.

Great location

Our office is accessibly located on 1-1195 Hyde Park Road. This is a safe and conducive environment to seek dental care. The dental office is comfortable and relaxed – with all the right amenities for a successful (and overall better) experience.

Affordable services

Dental care can be expensive. In light of that, we keep our Invisalign and other dental costs transparent. We accept insurance and have other flexible payment options that you can leverage.

With you every step of the way

At Sbenati Dentistry, in London, Ontario, we provide the care, support, and follow up needed for a successful Invisalign treatment. Our aim is for you to attain perfect teeth in a short amount of time – and at a low cost to you or the treatment financiers (parents). Therefore, we will supply you with detailed information on how Invisalign works, best practices for living with Invisalign, and ways to adhere to the plan.

If you live in the London, Ontario, area, we invite you to take advantage of our Invisalign treatment. We will help to enhance the beauty of your smile by straightening your teeth and correcting bite related issues (overbite or underbite). You can expect affordable and personalized care that leads to positive outcomes.

If you are a teenager or adult that needs flexible teeth straightening treatment that blends with your lifestyle, talk to us. At Sbenati Dentistry, we will ensure that your Invisalign treatment is the most comfortable and pleasant experience possible.

If you face (self) esteem issues at work or school because of crooked teeth, we can help you. Our Invisalign and dental healthcare services entail a thorough diagnosis – in a consultation that reveals the root cause of the problem. By fixing pre-existing dental issues before Invisalign treatment, we guarantee the best and fast results.

When you choose Sbenati Dentistry for your Invisalign treatment and dental healthcare, you are guaranteed comprehensive services and long-lasting results.

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